Monday, 23 September 2013

Cheating Couple Forced To Walk Unclad In Benue State (PHOTOS)

According to reports, the couple (pictured above) were forced to walk Unclad on Thursday 19th September at Orokam, Obadigbo Local Government area of Benue State.The woman is said to be the wife of a popular school proprietor in the area -the proprietor passed on Tuesday and barely two days after she was caught with another man.

After being caught, they were taken to the town’s oracle – oracle called “ALEKWU” which punishes married women who cheat on their husbands and also deters people from committing atrocities.

To punish the couple, the oracle instructed that them to walk the town Unclad to cleanse the land; after which the woman was sent back to her father’s house and banned from attending her husband’s funeral. Did they deserve this h?

More photos when you continue...

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