Thursday, 1 August 2013

Photos & Video: Young Lady Asks Several Guys For Sex On The Street

Candid camera: Some men appear shocked and ask Andrea if she is serious, yet still agree to sleep with herEqual opportunity: Some of the men who say 'no' are with their girlfriends, who surprisingly don't seem angry about Andrea's approach
Easy approach: One man hesitates, but in the end says 'Why not?' and is shown walking off camera with AndreaNo hesitation: One man offers to have sex with her on the spot, while his friend appears to be in disbelief
A young and attractive woman who approached random men on the street for sex has revealed that half of them turned her down flat. The woman, known only as Andrea, was filmed for a YouTube segment titled: 'Asking Guys for Sex: A Social Experiment'. It saw her bluntly ask 14 men 'Do you want to have sex with me?' and recorded their reactions. Guys, kindly watch this hilarious video below and see their reactions ... If you caught your boyfriend on tape accepting to have sex with her, what would you do - experiment or not? 

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