Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I am happy to introduce to you, a new website, where you can watch your favorite Nollywood movies online 100% Free. offers you the opportunity to watch Free Nollywood Movies no matter your location, even if you do not have a TV in your home. About 50 New Movies are added daily on and you are allowed to watch all of them without paying anything.

No Credit Card Required, Not even Once!

 There are over 5,000 Nigerian and Ghanaian movies on the website, which also
include movies in Youruba language [Nigeria] and Twi Language [Ghana] within one month of existence, and more movies are added daily, all for your viewing pleasure. All that is required of you is a healthy and fast internet connection, often times a broadband or 3G connection would be adequate. is determined to be the melting pot and reservoir of all Nollywood movies ever available on the internet, if you want a website with unlimited reservoir of Nigerian films from all sources, check out our website.

 How To Get Started

 Just Go to and search for your favorite movie, then sit back and start watching. However, if you Login with your Facebook account, you stand to get some benefits : If you login with Facebook, Ads will be disabled on the site, You get to see which of your friends visited the website and  The website will load faster. Then all you need do is choose your Favorite movie and click the PLAY button.

Feel free to check it out and share with friends.

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