Thursday, 18 July 2013

Porcelain presents Socials: Date for a Cause #Lagos

Are you fun, adventurous and want to help a good cause? Then come date for a cause! Bid on and win a date with your favorite person being auctioned, and have part of the proceeds go to a charity organization in Nigeria- VOW Foundation. VOW Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about rape, domestic violence and inequality in Africa. With just N3000, you get to attend this event and lend your voice to a great cause. Continue...
The event will also feature icebreaker games, speed dating, and networking.

Date -27 and 28th July 2013
Venue –Ember Creek, 32 Awolowo road, Ikoyi
Time – 6pm
To register, send your name,number, age, occupation and a referee’s contact, OR text your details to 08163711110, OR bbm 28E8E34D.
Also visit and join the event on facebook-

Speed dating has become a popular way to meet single people in the last few years in many countries, and is now in Nigeria. In one night, you’ll meet a dozen of people while having a good time in a safe and friendly environment of a nice restaurant/bar.

You will have about 7 minutes to meet each person of the opposite sex, where you get to talk and get to know the person…before the bell rings! As the bell rings, you move to the next person and chat for 7 minutes, till the bell rings again! That way you get to meet everyone in the room that night. You will get the chance to Match or Pass everyone you meet that night. People who match each other will be linked through our service after the event.

Why VOW Foundation?

Rape and domestic violence are crimes that are ravaging our society. Read the newspapers or blogs and you are bound to see multiple rape stories every month. And while it seems like rape is on the rise in Nigeria, it could also mean we are finally talking about it more. Take a VOW, Stop the Violence now.
We do not solve the problem by keeping quiet about it, or worse, by blaming the victim.
VOW Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about these atrocities. They provide a support and service mechanism for women to get the help they need and shatter the culture of silence that has decimated them for too long.
The VOW hotline has been set up to provide vital resources to survivors of rape and acts of domestic violence in Africa. The hotline serves as the first line of support. The organization plans to expand to a treatment facilities, support and education centres.
Hotline: 0809 4444 VOW
                0809 5555 VOW

We do ask that you register in advance, so don’t delay and RSVP your spot today!

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