Friday, 26 July 2013

Poll Shows Nigerians' Spending On Self-generated Electricity On The Increase

Nigerians have experienced increases in their spending on alternative sources of power supply in recent months, compared to last year, as electricity from the nation’s power utility company, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) went from bad to worse in many parts of the country. These are the findings of a new survey by NOI Polls Limited, Nigeria’s leading opinion polling and research organisation.

The poll however indicated that Nigerians are somewhat hopeful that the ongoing reform in the power sector would succeed and translate to steady power supply.

The result of the Power Sector Polls for the second quarter of 2013, which was released Tuesday, also indicated that about 81 percent of Nigerians interviewed generated their own power supply through alternative sources between April and June, to compensate for irregular power supply from the PHCN, while a combined average of 69 percent have experienced increase in their spending on alternative power supply, compared to a year ago.

The poll which was conducted between April and June 2013 showed that 46 percent of Nigerians experienced a drastic increase in their spending on alternative sources such as generators and inverters, followed by 23 percent who experienced a slight increase, and 15 percent indicated a slight decrease in their spending. Twelve percent of the respondents said they did not experience any change at all in their spending, with  three percent claiming that their spending on alternative sources of power decreased drastically, in comparison to the previous year.

It showed that an average of 47 percent of Nigerian adults said that electricity supply was poor, or went from bad to worse, while about 33 percent said they witnessed some slight improvement, and 20 percent said they experienced no difference in the past one month.