Monday, 8 July 2013

Photos: Turkish Man Wears Cage On Head To Quit Smoking

Fitting: Mr Yücel's daughter attaches the cage to her father's head as she goes out to workOut and about: Mr Yücel has attracted more than his fair share of funny looks from neighboursAu naturel: Mr Yücel pictured when he is not wearing his unique anti-smoking contraption
Turkish man, Ibrahim Yücel, a lifelong smoker keen to quit has taken drastic measures to kick the habit of smoking - he has locked his head in a cage which prevents him from putting a cigarette in his mouth. Every morning he heads off to work wearing the elaborate device - and he takes extra measures to stop himself from opening it and sneaking a smoke.

He entrusts the keys to the bizarre contraption to his family so he is not tempted to release himself. Since his father died of lung cancer, he has been desperate to quit for the good of his health and his family that's why he invented this "device".

What a device! Can you recommend this?

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