Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nollywood Actress Dayo Amusa Talks About Marriage And Her Love For Kids

Here is what the actress said in a recent interview;

What is your take about marriage?

It is the biggest dream and a day every woman clamor for but must not be rushed into because when you rush; definitely you rush out.

So when should be expect the wedding bell?

Very soon because I stand firm on the Lords time for me. I am not in haste to tie the nuptial but when the time is ripe for me, nothing can stop it. I love kids and I hope to raise mine soon.

What do look out for in your dream man?

First and foremost, nobody is perfect so I am not looking for a perfect man rather; I want a man who will understand me and my job. A man who can’t be intimated irrespective of my status in the society, I appreciate a man who can differentiate me from what I do. I bet you I am a wife material and a typical African lady to the core.

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