Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Funke Akindele's Marriage Crashed?

Yes,sadly i was able to confirm from insider Olofofos that the marriage had indeed crashed but Which sane man goes on the social network to announce separation from his famous spouse if not to embarrass her?

Let me start this post by saying that Kehinde Oloyede,the man who married the Actress a year ago in a very flamboyant wedding has denied making any post on face book and later changed his story to saying that he made the post to ''catch Funke's attention''.

After many months of speculating that all is not well between Alist actress Funke Akindele and her hubby Kehinde Oloyede,the bubble burst on the morning of Monday July 15,2013 when Kehinde as if in a trance announced his separation from the actress on his face book wall without consulting her.
Infact he made the postings,deleted them ;denied and later changed his story to saying he made the posts just to catch her attention.

For many months that have been stories that Funke has married a serial lover whose pants stays permanently unzipped and for each time the news broke,the actress debunked that anything was wrong to cover up for his philandering ways..
 Could it be that this scorned hubby has resorted to use the media to scheme the downfall of his wife seeing that it is over?
The man is rumoured to have almost ten children with two fathered during his marriage to the Actress.

 I don't care that their marriage has crashed,marriage is a union of two people,a merging of two bodies and minds becoming one,if it isn't working out,taking a walk should not be a problem and should not be turned into a pigs game.
Trying to use the social media to embarrass your spouse to catch their attention is wrong....agbero behaviour!

Several attempts to get funke or her publicist has not been possible as both are not taking their calls however Funkes publicist Ms Ayo Ola-Mohammed tweeted cc'd me via her twitter handle @heywhyoh and this is what she had to say  ''Contrary to Lindaikeji's story claiming to have spoken to Funke Akindele's publicist confirming her story-for the records,Linda and i never spoke''.

I called back the publicist and she repeated ''I am Funkes publicist and i did not confirm anything to Linda,she lied.''I tried to confirm the state of the marriage but she declined and cut the phone saying one lie about her confirmation had already been told-

Two months ago the gist was agog that he had impregnated another lady and funke nicely covered up for him,could this be the reason that the marriage broke?
Once an egg is broken,it can never be placed back together,if Mr Oloyede is regretting the path he took on face book,it is too late to undo it as the story has become viral and now Funke's fans are asking questions.

Funke hold your head high and tell us why your marriage crashed,we know it has crashed and i am sure a sensible woman like you will know better than to deny.....just know that we need to know.

*Please forgive any typos,i am typing in shock*

Culled from Stella's Blog

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