Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beautiful...Moet Abebe Interview ''Dbanj Asked Me Out On A Date''

On the outside she appears stern, sassy, strong and surefooted, but once the ice is broken, another side of her is revealed. She’s warm, friendly, and very ambitious. She’s no friend to mediocrity; she strives to make her work outstanding.

In this recent interview with Laura Monyeazo Abebe popularly known as Moet Abebe, the Sound City VJ, tells us about herself, her work and super star, D’banj’s “proposal” to her. Moet Abebe describes herself as an ambitious young girl who had always had a passion for media and entertainment.

 How did you join Soundcity?

Moet: I was studying law in England and I got bored because I lost the passion along the way and I wanted to go into TV.  I knew I would prefer working for a music station, so I did my research and discovered that Soundcity was at the top of its game and I decided to come back home because the competition is crazy in England. I went for a screen test with Soundcity and I guess my boss liked me and that was it.

What prompted your recent exposure on social media platforms, blog and websites?
Moet:  That is just me. Though a lot of people say it was my way of seeking attention.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved taking pictures. I work out, I am a big lover of women who are curvy like myself and want to show it off; I mean I wasn’t naked? I was just wearing a bikini, so that is basically what it was. Then the blogs invaded my Instagram and they got the news they were looking for.

 How did you take the criticism?

Moet: Well I am not really bothered, but in general, I feel most times people who take their time to leave horrible comments on blogs tend not to have much they are doing because if you have something that you are doing you’re not going to have that time to leave hurtful comments; so I am not really bothered.

 Do you have any role models?
Moet:  I actually have one which is my mother because I was trained by a single mother and she took her time to train me and made me who I am. So, she is definitely my role model.

 What projects are you currently working on?

Moet: That is a secret! That is a big secret but yes, I still work for Soundcity and I want my own gigs. I am actually working on being an MC, that’s something that I want to be part of my CV as well; then I am working on my own show, so be on the lookout guys.

 Do you still Model?
Moet: No, not really.

You present and produce for soundcity, how have you been combining the two?
Moet: It is a lot of work, like recently someone said that people who work for Soundcity are probably the hardest working media personalities. And I really do agree because one thing that my boss has always made us understand is; “it is one thing is to be a presenter, and another thing to be a producer” but if you can do both, you can literally rule the world if you think about it. Sometimes, I get frustrated because I’ll like some help but nonetheless I am really grateful that I can do a whole lot of stuff by myself.

 Any plans to switch professions?
Moet: If I do change profession, I’d love to be an actress. That’s something I really want to do but it is always going to be in the media; that wouldn’t change.
How about your law degree?

Moet: Well, if you hear that Moet Abebe is now a lawyer, it means that everything went totally and absolutely wrong. It is literally my plan Z.

 What do you do when you are not working?

Moet: Sleep! That’s what I do, I sleep. Sometimes, I go out but I believe that you should always aim at going to places that you are wanted; so I don’t go out all the time like the “social scene” all the time, it’s not really part of my thing but sometimes I like to hang out with my friends, like to go to a private beach and just chill not the public ones’, so don’t think it is bar beach. But it is mostly sleep really because I hardly get to sleep, so when I get any spare time I just sleep.

Tell us about your interview with D’banj?
Moet: D’banj was about to do his show, the one he brought 2 chainz, and I thought that would be the best time to get him for an interview because one thing about him is; sometimes he is out there doing his thing and other times, it seems he fades way, you can’t get a hold of him. So, I thought to myself, D’banj is in Nigeria, he lives in Lekki, the office is in Lekki; this is the perfect time. So, I just called a few people and there you have it.

 Tell us about D’banj’s proposal to you?

Moet: He didn’t propose to me, he just asked me out on a date.  As a TV personality, I try to be different, I don’t want to be like everyone else; I don’t want to ask the same questions.

 I think what people should know is, yes, interviews are real and we are talking about real issues but if someone proposes a date, I can’t say No! obviously I would be like “yeah!”,  I’m just doing it for you guys; I mean for the fans. So nothing came out of that interview please, you need to stop saying that.


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