Monday, 1 July 2013

Alesha Dixon's Nigerian baby daddy, Az Ononye makes £15k a year

That's about £1.25k a month. And it's news. I'm not the one making it news o...its The Sun UK. They are probably wondering why a multi millionaire pop star is dating and pregnant for a guy who earns in a year what she probably earns in day. Well, it's called love. Check out  The Sun UK  report below..

The father of Alesha Dixon’s baby is a £15,000-a-year dancer who lives in a modest flat. Britain’s Got Talent star Alesha stunned the showbiz world last week by revealing she is pregnant with Azuka Ononye’s child. Until that point the millionaire former pop star had kept the relationship secret.

And far from being a fellow celebrity, Azuka, or AZ as he is known to pals, came from humble beginnings in Nigeria and has had to scrape a living for years.

When he was a teenager he moved to the UK for a better life with his two elder brothers. They raised him in a council flat in Fulham, West London — where he still lived until recently. It’s a world away from the Hertfordshire mansion owned by Alesha, who earns £400,000 as a BGT judge and has other lucrative contracts.

Last night a close pal said: “She and AZ are perfect for each other and they are madly in love, but they couldn’t have more different lives.”

AZ hates sponging off Alesha, 34, and insists on paying his own way, but the former singer with Noughties girl group Mis-Teeq has treated him to the high life.
They have been on several expensive holidays to Miami and Europe.

Meanwhile, his pals have dubbed him the “Louis Vuitton man” because of the designer clothes she buys him.
Our exclusive pictures show the couple at a 32nd birthday party Alesha arranged for AZ earlier this year. She booked The Crazy Bear Club in Beaconsfield, Bucks, and invited all his friends and family - splashing out thousands of pounds.
The couple met in 2006 when AZ worked as a dancer for R&B group Mis-Teeq, whose hits included Scandalous.

At the time Alesha was still recovering from the heartache of being two-timed by So Solid Crew husband, MC Harvey, 34.

Alesha and AZ became great friends, but did not take it further until 2010.

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