Thursday, 20 June 2013

Yvonne Nelson's Tweet Referring To Dammy Krane

The tweet above you just read is referring to Dammy has got to be him because according to the gist,Dammy ''approached Yvonne for friendship telling her he loved her and she turned down the offer,the next thing is he included her in one of his songs and then had his team feed the gist online, what he didnt bank on was that the Actress would immediately and openly tweet about it disassociating herself from the allegations. Continue....

When News about Yvonne and Iyanyan hit the net that they were dating no one denied anything.......''one mans meat is another mans poison''

The person who published the story is not to blame,the crooners camp kinda misled with their lie-lie story

Team Dammy Krane needs to learn a thing or two about media hype...learn dammy because you just lost a friend in Yvonne!

Below is the pic team dammy krane leaked to the media....they look good together though. lol!

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