Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nollywood Actress Ini Edo Under Fire From In Laws For Being Barren

According to the new whispers coming out of a trusted mouth belonging to an insider rat close to Ini,there is a quiet fire on the mountain between the beautiful actress and her in laws.

The insider lekki rat who used teeth tales to whisper this says that the Actress is under fire from her in laws because she has not blessed their brother with any patter of tiny feet (BABY). Continue...

''They are questioning their brother on why his Actress wife has not yet gone on nine months leave since she married him over five years ago.
This has somehow strained her relationship with her in laws but Ini is managing it well''

I Pray God blesses her womb soon and keeps away those in laws so that she can have peace and serenity to conceive.

I don't understand.----.why do in laws always poke nose in marriages when even some of them are facing the same situation they are criticising one for?..Is this in law thing a Nigerian mentality thingy?

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