Friday, 7 June 2013

Nigerian media site signs a $2.5m deal with Canadian video tech firm

Ireland based Independent Reporters TV Media announced today that they have signed a $2.5 million contract with Canadian video technology company Iniguity Media.

The nature of the deal involves a fully integrated video hosting platform to allow iReportersTV’s 1.5 million monthly visitors to upload original video content. In return they will get paid based on the views their videos receive.

Launched in April 2012 iReportersTV has quickly become one of Nigeria’s leading online providers of news and entertainment. Continue...

With African focused content, iRTV has filled a huge demand in an otherwise untapped market by catering to Africans and Nigerians at home and abroad.

Thanks to the new deal iRTV recently signed, they have expanded their site’s current potential to become a revolutionary next generation social media site that combines news with video sharing.
This new platform makes it easier for site users and content owners from around the world to upload their own videos to share local stories or present their skills and talents to the international African community.

“Our new contract means that African musicians, artists and movie producers from around the world can effectively and rather profitably promote their artistic creations, be it movies, music or any other form of art, through our free video uploading feature.
Our new service allows its users a direct resource, with no more media intermediaries.

Talented individuals can directly showcase their art through our video sharing platform.”, states Henry Okpolokpo, founder and marketing director of
Okpolokpo continues; “By promoting their art or local news, our content-contributing website users will be “Paid For Views”.

Our royalty program will earn the user as much as $4,000 for a video that receives 1 million views”
For a nation steeped in cultural diversity and talent, Okpolokpo hopes to nurture an emerging industry of artists, musicians, filmmakers and grassroots journalists.
By providing not only a platform to share their content to the world but to also earn a respectable living by doing something they love.

Thus positioning iRTV to become Africa’s #1 Internet TV site.

Media Inquiries:
Henry Okpolokpo
Marketing Director – iRTv
Phone IRL:+ (353) 89 9740 465

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