Friday, 21 June 2013

Full Details About The UNN Student Who Collapsed & Died in Front Of Chitis Restaurant

Culled from POTRIX NAIJA
3 days ago news was flying around the school, about a girl who collapsed inside Chitis and died, some people said its rumour, others said it not. unfortunately for me and my blog, exams are messing around with me so apparently there is no time for gossip and gist. Continue...

Though i'm still trying my best no to leave you guys in the dark all in the name of UNN Exam. From all the information I gathered so far, it seems she died of stress and High B.P. Her name is Odimegwu Margaret, 300 Level Biochemistry student, Her dad died last year, and her mum died 2 months ago, not yet buried, the painful part is that her family members are waiting for her to finish her exams and come back home for their mum's burial. Margaret has also been sick for a while now, in fact she came back from hospital to write an exam on Monday, before she collapsed in front of Chitis (not inside) the next thing is she's dead. How sad? she was rushed to Medical centre UNN where she was confirmed dead, She is currently in the mortuary now.

I really feel very bad for her family now, they must be going through serious pain and torture. Well, such is life, I suggest they go into serious prayers and fasting. Somebody many be some where in the village probably behind the banana tree doing some terrible things.

May the gentle soul of Odimegwu Margaret Rest in Perfect Peace.. Amen *One Minute Silent*

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