Thursday, 27 June 2013

Autobiography of the 'Queen of Pimp', Eunice Efole

The story of Lagos big girl Eunice Efole would make a classical case study for aspiring young ladies who want to climb up the ladder faster than destiny will provide. In the very beginning, Eunice was just a struggling young girl on the streets of Ikeja.

Very down to earth but viciously ambitious, it was this inherent trait in her that escalated as she grew up and eventually hooked up with the most loaded men in town and they blessed her. By the early 2004 she was already living it big on the Island scene and was actually working towards owning a property of her own on the Island axis. She was no doubt a party animal nd by extension, the darling of celebrity magazines, but it was not until 2005/2006 that she became a household name within the Lagos social circle and that single scandalous event is still fresh in our memory. It gets more interesting when you continue reading>>>

For the benefit of those who are not in the picture, Eunice was a known and prominent pimp on the Island axis and had taken her ‘runs’ level to a whole new heights, without doubt she had a list of powerful and rich men in her contact base so she figured out that she couldn’t service all of them. She started the business of being generous with them to her friends on the condition of percentage.
Apart from getting rewarded by the man, she would also take her cut of 40 or 30 per cent from the friend depending on the generosity of the client. Everything went well until she pimped Sandra, her glamour model protégé, to the then happening governor of Bayelsa State, Governor Alamiesiegha. The governor found Sandra’s oil well more exceptional than that of the usual ones in his oil rich state and because of this he paid her far more than Eunice had bargained. That was when trouble started as Sandra refused to oblige Eunice and the fight was vicious. Eunice accused the girl of stealing her Chopard diamond jewelry and tagged her as being an ingrate. The apprentice runs girl equally ousted Eunice by telling the media that Eunice had no Chopard jewelry but was in the habit of buying cheap costume jewelry in Tejuosho market branding them as high-end gemstones.

The two runs girls eventually clashed in a shop on the Island, where they tore at each other and stripped each other naked; it was an epic battle of supremacy which Ms.Efole eventually won completely as Sandra is nowhere to be found anymore.

Today Eunice has shed all that cheap skate runs and has gone high class corporate, if you know what we mean. She has re-invested all her strength and contacts in her registered portfolio companies which she carries about in a brief case. She has reduced considerably the amount of hookups she does and has also upgraded the type of ladies she introduces to her powerful clients. This has earned her so much respect and dignity, but it is her finances that have most witnessed an astronomical upsurge.

When she completed her twin mansions in Lekki, most big girls were in total awe of the interior of this magnificent structures. To put it mildly her taste encompasses grandeur in its totality. But unknown to the Lagos social establishment, this gorgeous Edo-born girl has since arrived on the Abuja scene and is pulling in the mega contracts in droves. She has transformed her links to business-oriented projects and is being rewarded handsomely by the powers that be in Abuja.

She is very entrenched in the Nigerian Communications Commission, Maitama as she is allegedly dating the number one boss there. Considering the fact that the NCC is one of the most financially liquid organizations in the country the girl is vying for all manner of huge jobs that come her way. Sources at the NCC inform us that she is one of their favorite contractors. This has obviously accounted for her newfound super-posh lifestyle.

Even as you are reading this, Eunice is consulting for the federal government in various ministries and parastatals in Abuja; she is now heavily into construction of her own various projects as she is building houses here and there on the Island, but one thing is that she has learnt to be very secretive of her private business considering what has happened to her in the past.

Unlike in the mid-2000s when she was labeled Lagos big girl, she recently confessed to her friends that she owned nothing then but today it is a different thing entirely; from formidable senators who chair very viable committees to top ministers with lucrative portfolios she is in some sort of retainer-ship with them.That she is one of the best dressed on the social scene is not in doubt as she does vintage handbags better than most super models on the global radar: from Gucci to Balenciaga to Escada to Zagliani to both Hermes Kelly and even Hermes Birkin Eunice has them all.

Her jewelry has truly become a sight to behold as she has seriously stepped up the game in the precious metal and gemstones department. Unlike most Island big girls who live a very superficial lifestyle by renting luxury apartments and whoseoil wells become sour years down the line and bills can no longer be paid, Eunice has joined the likes of EreluDosunmu and Bola Shagaya with high-profile structures being erected all over town in the most viable streets because to her that’s the only way her old age is guaranteed. It will be important to note that Eunice who is in her mid-40s is also into white guys; she loves them silly.

In Lagos especially she will always be found in their company and their plush apartments on the Island. A great football fan Eunice Efole only on exceptional cases go for ordinary naija guy and you must sure be bringing the dough to the table. One good trait she has going for her is her down to earth nature,. Unlike those who walk with their nose up in the air, Eunice will readily greet anyone and eat even in the local buka next door, for she knows where she stands in the scheme of things and where she is also headed to in a few years’ time.

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