Thursday, 20 June 2013

All My LADIES! Which would you prefer? Mister Dildo Versus Mister Penis

I am sure you all know what's up?

The dildo has taken over the penis!....guys how did you all let this happen.???

Now what this is about is that the dildo is every woman's private toy....the men need not know she has it.

Do you think its wrong having a dildo?come on its rubber and you wouldn't classify it as cheating would you?

Woman do you own one?

If you were a man and you stumbled on a pair of dildo owned by your partner,what would you do about it?

Would you encourage it or step on the dildo with your shoes?

80 percent of anonymous female commenting here own a dildo but will not admit it because the Nigerian society frowns on having one....yes!

If you are female enough to agree you own one.what is your reason ? Left for me 'Chiboy Chuks' I'd let my gf use it... if that would make her happy! *runs*

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