Friday, 14 June 2013

Actress Porttia Yamahan Saved From Husband Snatching Drama Botched In Nollywood

Beautiful Actress Portia Yamahan has just been saved the biggest disgrace/mistake of her life!

The story according to insiders who gisted me exclusively is this...

''Porttia has been dating this guy named Shina for the past three years,their relationship was on/off for a while till they became really serious and got both families involved. Continue...

Shina lives in UK but spends all his time with the actress whenever he visits Nigeria.Infact he calls her all day to find out her movement when he is back in the UK and tries to monitor where she should go and shouldn't.Their love was so strong that he advised her to go low on her profile and she mumu-ly obeyed him.

Infact she was supposed to spend this summer with him in the UK and things were already moving fast.Shina(call him Ade if you like) had already started talking marriage with the actress and had asked her to find out her ring size which she did taking a few close friends along.

The actress who is very close to her family had been excitedly looking forward to being a Mrs somebody but alas a nail was thrown into the path of their love struck train.''

Porttia who is presently in tears but thanking God confided in a close friend and this is what the olofofo close friend repeated to me ...*wink*
''Stella it is like a dream for her.Porttia got off late from a set sometime last week and as she was driving home,lover boy called and was upset that she was still out at about almost 11pm,she promised to call him back as soon as she got home and settled down and they ended their lovey dovey talk.

She got home,did a few things and felt it was too late to call and decided to leave it until the next day.she was bored and decided to go on facebook which she hadn't checked for a while..she clicked on his profile and was shocked to see wedding pictures of about two months old tagged on his wall..she enlarged the picture and saw it was the man she was engaged to and he only got married about three months back to another Nigerian lady!

Porttia broke down crying and made some calls,she began trying his number but he didn't pick.she called him the next morning and told him she saw some funny pictures on his facebook wall and he told her he would call her back and has not called back since then and Stella Portia has decided not to call him again.
He used to call her almost every hour in 24hours and made sure he monitored her movement and used to tell her she would stop acting once they got married.
Posh is crying her eyes out alright but laughing and thanking God for saving her from the husband snatching tag that has been placed on Nollywood actresses in recent times''.

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