Friday, 28 June 2013

18+ VIDEO: Man & Woman Forced To Have Sex In Public In Anambra

(Please don't download if you are not up to 18)

Apart from the fact that this is Jungle justice, the Video is weird in a way. Imagine having  sex by force in public. #DAMN! Some people are wicked though...

The person who sent this Video dropped a note:
"Hi, I just want to bring this to your notice, the video might be a form of jungle justice which some people may not like to watch, but I just had to share it so you see some of the barbaric act going on here. The woman in the video is a cheating wife who allegedly was caught...
red handed with the man in the video, although the husband was not shown in the video, he happened to be very pissed and walked away to throw away her things from the house, and left the community people to treat the man and woman the way they pleased, I know without a video there wont be any evidence of what am saying, but luckily I made a video of this act, which you can watch below. This happened in a community near my university which is Anambra State University. I would be glad if you could share this story to your readers, Thank you.


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