Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Win a stylish maternity wear from Moma!

Here's your chance to win a beautiful Moma Dress to show off your awesome baby bump. The days of shapeless and unflattering maternity dresses are over! With the advent of fashion and style in the ordinary things of life, and its importance on the outlook and general perception of the world, one can't relegate dressing well to the background or ignore it as something of no value.

We are constantly bombarded with the news of a pregnant celebrity or their style even in that delicate state of motherhood and we can not fail to admit that this has made an impression on us all.

Kate Middleton is constantly harassed by paparazzi day by day, put under scrutiny, most attention being paid to her clothes. Reality TV star and celebrity Kim Kardashian has also shown that nothing changes, especially her love for fashionable pieces even in pregnancy.Oscar Winner, the beautiful Halle Berry showed the world once how flattering pregnancy can be if you know how to work your style and we bet she will not disappoint this time, following the announcement of her second pregnancy.

Next up is your beautiful bump and you. So make like Kate, Kim and Halle and  dazzle in flattering pieces, be the talk of the town, even if its the little town in your home or office. Add some flattering pieces to your wardrobe from Moma's wide range of trendy pieces from work wear to occasion gear  for that special 9 months of your life.

Win a unique piece of your choice from the beautiful three seen above.

The black and white dress can be the work dress with a twist for the company anniversary.

The green dress is the one for the Bosses' 50th birthday party everyone's been looking forward to.

The third is the office shirt you can layer beads upon beads on to rock on with your colleagues at the TGIF hang out after work.

Who says a pregnant woman can't have some fun?

To win, please answer these questions correctly.
1. When was Moma launched?
2. Where is the Moma flagship store situated?
3. What week is pregnancy considered full term?

It's your call. Three questions, Three options to pick from!

With Consolation discounts for runners up.
Please send answers to with your full name, phone number and a reference to this blog.

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