Thursday, 9 May 2013

TWITTER WAR: Covenant University Students Vs. Linda Ikeji

Blogger Linda Ikeji published a story earlier today on a covenant university student who allegedly committed suicide but she took the story down almost immediately – though it had gone viral by then.
Covenant university students were kinda angry with the report – they claimed that the “student’ drowned and  did not commit “suicide” as Linda initially reported so they took to twitter and vented out their anger via#lindalies - which is presently trending on twitter.
There they said all sort, Just read her tweets below….

Meanwhile Linda has also reacted to the trend.  She initially reacted with a “But CU students, why #Lindalies? why not use my full name#Lindaikejilies so pple know y’all are talking abt me? Once again, I apologize ” tweet which further sparked up the fire but she tendered a sincere apology afterwards. See her tweet below:

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