Thursday, 30 May 2013

Police Shut Down Kanye West's Houston Screening of his New Song titled 'New Slaves'

A few weeks ago, Kanye West premiered his latest song "New Slaves" in true Kanye West fashion  by projecting a version of himself singing the controversial single on 66 buildings around the globe. So, when he announced that he would be continuing the publicity onslaught by projecting the video on even more destinations around the world, including three in Houston, we were not surprised. Continue...

According to Zimbio... On Friday, fans gathered at Houston's Rothko Chapel got a huge disappointment when police arrived to shut down the event. The Houston Chronicle reported that even though the crowd remained "upbeat" and "respectful," police pulled cars onto the grass, flashed lights and sirens, and did that thing that cops do when they threaten to arrest individual members of a crowd for trespassing.

There's no official word yet on just why the screening was shut down, but we can guess that the city wasn't too keen on Kanye West, or anyone for that matter, taking over a coveted heritage site featuring special paintings by Mark Rothko.

West also had two other screenings in Houston, one at the Central Library downtown and the other at the George Bush Monument. Both seemed to have fizzled out before actually happening due to "technical difficulties."

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