Thursday, 2 May 2013

My attempt to disguise & do the regular folks job didn't work for me- Dencia

  Disguised Dencia on the left
''My attempt to disguise & go do regular folk stuff few weeks back backfired when 1 lady recognized me smh she was like Dencia & I didn’t even act like it was my name lol what busted me was my assistant who kept laughing (I was so pissed she sold me put) the lady was like u are covering ur face thinking no1 will recognize u, she called her kids 2 come c me, I was like damn woman I’m tryna hide & save some $$. 

she was understanding & didn’t call more folks I was amazed cuz she is in her late 40′s i wouldn’t think someone older will take time to really follow me up for over 10mins & walk up 2 me .B ut it’s all good it means what ever I did in Cameroon is working.''  Hmmmm! *Lip Sealed*

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