Friday, 10 May 2013

Cherish CCB Readers: I get off-on going for men who already have a partner

I went to a club for a fun night out with my lover last weekend but brought another guy back home.

My lover was standing there watching me flirt and get off with the guy. It made me feel good at the time but I hate myself afterwards for behaving like this.

I’m 31 and divorced with two kids. I married the love of my life but he cheated on me constantly and made my life miserable. We split up two years ago but he still sees the kids. Continue>>>

The guy I’m with now is just one in a long line of casual affairs. He’s seven years younger than me, tall and good-looking, with a sweet little baby and stay-at-home wife. I think he gets bored with his sex life at home.

When we went to this night club we chatted a while, then I noticed this good-looking guy at the bar and moved in for the kill. Why do I do it? It’s not as if the sex was great when I got the guy back home anyway.

That’s how I behave all the time. I haven’t had a proper relationship since my marriage went bust.

I tend to go for men who already have a partner and I really get off on the fact that they choose to be with me instead of their girlfriend or wife back at home.

I make them fall in love with me. I keep myself fit and in shape so it isn’t too hard. As soon as they’re hooked I back off, and it gives me a kick to confuse them and mess them around. I treat them so badly they finally give up and leave.

The youngest guy I’ve been out with was only 18. I didn’t really feel comfortable with the age gap but it didn’t stop me.

The way I behave now is not how I’d like to be treated at all. I did get abused as a five-year-old child by a friend of my dad’s. Is that why I’m acting this way?

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