Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cherish CCB Readers: Boozy sex helps me forget problems at home

Cherish CCB Readers: I GOT wildly drunk, collapsed on the grass in a pub garden and then had sex with a much older man. It wasn’t the first time - and I’m married too.

I’m 29. I have been married for six years and have a daughter of four. My husband is 33. I used to love his carefree attitude when I first met him but it annoys me now we have a child to bring up, and bills and a mortgage to pay.

He leaves everything to me. We have an old house which needs a lot of work doing on it. I have to organise that, manage our financial commitments, arrange childcare for when I’m working and see to anything else which needs doing. It really started to get to me a few months ago. I felt weighed down with responsibility.

I work in a logistics firm with an all-male team and I have started to feel really attracted to some of them because they treat me so differently from my husband.

One guy in particular made me feel special. We were at a work party a few months ago, I had a lot to drink and foolishly made a move on him. He responded and we ended up having sex.

We both said afterwards that it was wrong and we’d never do it again. Everything plodded along for a few weeks, then our boss invited us all out to celebrate his birthday.

I was drinking again and I ended up telling everyone about my cheating, though I didn’t mention his name. I knew I was getting too far gone, so I told them I was going for a walk outside to get some fresh air.

I remember sitting down on the grass but the next thing I knew another colleague was shaking me awake.

He’s in his fifties but a really good-hearted guy. Everyone else had got worried about me because I was gone so long and sent him out to find me.

He sat down beside me and we were chatting. Next thing we were kissing. We went to a quiet corner in the garden and had sex there.

Both these men are old enough to be my dad but I can’t seem to stop cheating. I feel so sad and upset.

My husband hasn’t got a clue what I’ve been up to but I feel like I’m living a lie with him. I just want to run away but I can’t bear the thought of leaving my beautiful daughter.

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