Monday, 15 April 2013

Uganda To Ban Mini Skirts & TV stations from Displaying Sexy Things

The Ugandan government is proposing legislation that would forbid women from wearing miniskirts in public, according to the Mail & Guardian, a South African newspaper. Women could be arrested for donning skirts above the knee if the law is passed. to reduce rape and sexual assult

Many Ugandans are opposed to the legislation and are expressing their discontent through the Twitter hashtag, #SaveMiniSkirt. Continue reading...

The government-sponsored anti-pornography bill would also ban many films and TV dramas and all pornography. It “proposes that anyone found guilty of abetting pornography faces a 10m shillings (£2,515) fine or a maximum of 10 years in jail, or both” according to The Guardian.

Also Popular entertainers, including BeyoncĂ© and Madonna, would be banned from television for being scantily-clad. “We are saying anything that exposes private parts of the human body is pornography and anything obscene will be outlawed. Television should not broadcast a sexy person.
Certain intimate parts of the body cannot be opened except for a spouse in a private place,” Lokodo explained.

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