Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The photos of police shootout with suspected Boston bombers

A Watertown resident took photos of the dramatic shootout between policemen and suspected Boston bombers, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the early hours of Friday April 19th. The photos have just been released to the media

The photo above shows the brothers hiding behind a car as they engage in a dramatic shootout with police. See more photos after the cut...

The resident who took the photographs with his phone from a third-floor bedroom overlooking the scene, said the men ran to the green sedan, left, for more supplies such as explosives.

In another image, a red circle shows what the eyewitness believed to be a pressure cooker bomb

 After detonating the bomb and filling the street with smoke, the youngest brother jumped in the car and ploughed towards the police officers lining the end of the residential street

As he drove the car, his older brother was taken down by police. His body is circled

When the gun battle was over, police rushed to where the green sedan was parked and announced there were other devices on the street, sparking a search

This image shows a blast mark on the ground from where the pressure cooker bomb exploded

As daylight broke, the witness took photos of the abandoned sedan and backpacks

Police swarm the street to check all the houses. The witness' home was then evacuated

Source: Daily Mail UK

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