Saturday, 13 April 2013

Oooops! Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga & Others have Fake Twitter Followers

Justin Bieber has over 37 million Twitter followers and counting, but that doesn't mean he actually reaches 37 million fans with each tweet. there is an application Socialbakers' that assesses the quality of one's Twitter following,  what the application does is to determines "fake" or "empty" accounts by looking at its number of followers, the frequency of postings, the quality of postings, and even the profile image used, among other criteria.

Estimates that 35 percent of Bieber's followers are fake, and points out that a good 13 percent never tweet. This means that Bieber's Twitter following is a little over half of that 37 million if I can solve maths that means he has 19.5 million followers or there about. this is not completely accurate accurate though,

Meanwhile Justin Bieber is not the only celebrity with a massive fake following, About 44 percent of Katy Perry's followers are fake, according to the site application, and 13 percent are inactive, while 31 percent of Lady Gaga's followers are fake, and 16 percent inactive.

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