Saturday, 27 April 2013

Faze speaks - Annie Deserves To be Tuface's Wife

Here is what faze said in a recent interview about Annie.

I’ve known Annie for years and I think she’s perfect for him. There were times she would sit under the tree, crying and asking me if 2face really loved her. Even when 2face was dating Annie, Black Face and I were equally dating two of Annie’s friends. But we didn’t marry those girls but 2face and Annie eventually got married. And I also got some true facts from one of 2face old pal... Read after the cut>>>

I witnessed it. We will sit under the trees by the apartment block close to where we all play basket ball. Although face wasn't living with us then in the apartment block. It was just tuface and blackface then with Tony tetuila making things happen bcoa he was more settled than us.

Me (Omorodion MLK Martin),hammed, blackface, tuface and tony would cook a pot of rice and eat it inside the hot pot just so we won't finish it on time while Annie and friend would come around to play. Annie was very loyal and respectful to everyone of us. While Tony tetuila would come around with his coupe car Bought by his girl friend on his birthday (name withheld) to cruise around,tuface and the rest of us would be jealous because back then in 1998/1999 it was huge to have such a car talkless of your gf buying it for you on ur bday. But that didn't change tuface's love for Annie and Annie wasn't intimidated. Chibuzor (Faze) came into the picture to join face and blackface.

Face use to come from 5th avenue to chill with us in apapa on Liverpool road where tuface and blackface usually for something(don't ask what). Annie stayed while plantashun boys finally bought a car like the one that looks like ambulance shape. Years after Annie still stood by tuface while all her friends were not sure of us. Years after I saw Annie in school by the lagoon front in UNILAG and she was still with tuface from all I heard.
She so much deserve tuface. Tuface was very happy with Annie,we will be outside by the window under the tree while Annie and friends will be around making boys lively. Well enough said,I just wanted to share more to what Faze said.

I have by seen tuface,blackface,Tony,hammed and faze for years now and whenever I read a out the good things happening in their lives I thank God because it's been a long time hustle an struggling. Like they say 20 friends can't be friends for 20 years. Shout out to y'all and wish y'all the best.

Best childhood pal: Omorodion MLK Martin

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