Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cherished CCB Readers: I meet work hunk for sex but he’s married with two children

Cherished CCB Readers: I’m 23 and I work for PR firm. I’m good at my job. I can stand up and talk about projects and targets at the drop of a hat, but I’m a total coward when it comes to flying.

I was dreading the trip when this guy joined the firm who made me feel differently about it. He was put on the same client team as me and we clicked straight away. He’s 33 and married with two little boys, but he’s amazingly good-looking and there was a real chemistry between us from day one.

I told him I didn’t like flying. He laughed and said, “Stay close to me and I’ll make you feel brave”. So I did.
The journey was fine. No one else saw but I held his hand tight all the way and it felt wonderful. We went for a drink that night in Stockholm and it seemed natural to kiss him and then go back to his room to have sex. He was caring and passionate and I’m head over heels in love...

Back in the office we’re still really close and meet to have sex once a week if we can. It’s all really fab but I feel a bit guilty about this affair. I chatted to his wife and children when they were waiting for him in reception one day and it didn’t feel great.

He’s so special I don’t want to lose him but I know this can’t really go anywhere.

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