Friday, 19 April 2013

ADEOLA DIADEM Biography! Hehehe...

Deola diadem... before I continue there are some decoded alphabets in the article which is thus written as; Q is for Queen, E is for Ebere of liquid lounge, Preety mike for PM..

Once upon a time in the slums of egbeda a chocolate skinned girl was born into a polygamous family with 3 wives.
This girl has a dirty life Highly fetish, fuck around, lay about.
She is not anything close to what you see on her instagram.
She has whitened her skin to the extent she is now see through, you can see her green veins from her chest to her feet. Also some reddish veins around her wrist and elbow.  I would upload pics
Her love for money brought her so low to the stage she started dating a midget, name starts with "M" . But they broke up early 2011 cos she was fucking his errand boy
Was too bad cos she was also fucking his banker dat he used to dash 5k . Imagine the level
She would travel all the way to calabar to do runs for 30k. It gets interesting when you continue reading>>>

Fucking Sheyman bcos she was desperate for video girl job. (She was never paid for any of the razz videos she appeared in) rada she fucked him and paid her transport herself through and fro , so it's likes she was paying him with pussy and money just to show in video .
so "M" got tired of all her stories and fucked her goodbye. Then she started spreading rumors about M being a ritualist. Her best friend whose name starts with "Q" told someone that this girl went to an Alfa and the Alfa killed a chicken for her and bath her with the chicken blood then boiled the heart of the chicken for her to eat.
nd Q also slept with M.... I guess your team is comfortable with sharing dicks

She fucked half of Ikeja boys, as long as your name starts with "young money, Richkid,cash,owo" and d other razz names. She would fuck you.she and her crew had a group name WCC . Lol prostitutes , all of them don cast for ikeja finish.That time Malaysia boys just started reigning, she fucked 80% of them cos she was desperate to travel there.
She fucked king of Malaysia name starts with "S"and nickname starts with "O" .. He has a babymama and her name starts with "T" . "T" actually likes this girl cos she uploads her pic a lot, little does she know that this girl actually fucked her man (wen they were still married)!.dear "T" , this Girl is one of the reasons your man got tired of you.

She met another boy , name also starts with "M" ,Malay boy, imported her to Malay .
She left school, dropped out of osu at year 3 to go to Malay thinking she would continue schooling there but this new boy dint enroll her ,. she dint know she was going there to become a fucking snack .(sex machine)
Was taking care of her, she got pregnant twice and aborted twice for this dude, in 6months.Q confirmed this .
This new dude alwz asked her for threesome, and it involved a friend of hers who is also Malaysia based, name starts with "B" , . What kind of bf would want a threesome? One day her boyfriend went to meet "B" in a hotel and she found out, she was torn apart bcos they didn't include her in the sex game this time lol, so she got angry and started spreading "B"'s nude pics round bbm. Lying to ppl that "B" wants to snatch her boyfriend.
He used to beat her there, threw her stuffs out of his house 3times and then she would be calling people and begging to be housed. Q confirmed this .
We know all this story tnx to Q
And I believe Q would be ready to sleep with this new M when he comes to naija,

One day on bbm she put up a pic of a blue Honda ivtec eod, calling it her car, her friend "J" told me its hers...Apparently, her bf deposited some cash for it,And this was around June / july last year . Then she came to naija , her malay visa expired. she was denied extension of visa, d bf dint even bother cos he was tired of her being around and choking him.she began her runs business again .did welcome back party but nobody heard it, rumor has it that jack Daniel was the order of the day. No money to buy good drinks so they didn't bother snapping pics to avoid mockery.  Moved into executives hostel close to unilag to squat with Q.forming unilag student, it's a lie. She can't even make a complete statement. no other school besides osu can accept her . She stayed at home for 5years before she got the OSU admission. And now she has lost it cos of man.
She and her Malay bf broke up December , she started  begging her ex midget to take her back.and then I heard from a little birdy that her bf asked for his money back (the part payment for the car) , removed allll her pics from his IG then started dating my friend. as a sharp girl, she visited Alfa again and he did something and before we could say jack Robinson, they made up. So the money for the car stayed with the car dealer.

January this year, she and Q went to meet one of their friend / room mate's benefactor and lover , an old man. Her name starts with "V" . Dey both had a threesome with the man, V got to find out dat same day and called dem and warned dem not to ever step into the hostel or she would kill dem , dey unfollowed demslvz on instagram .

Do you know up till now they have been scared to go back? That's the reason why they relocated to Ajah to squat with their friend whose name starts with "Y" . They were with Y in her boyfriends house for a while, they don't even have family house. "Y" pursued her from her bf's house bcos she was always wearing only bra and bum shorts, trying to seduce her bf. and rumour has it that she fucked Y's bf.

So finally she put that same Honda car pic on her instagram ,she added the money from the 3 some and her 3 months hustle of sleeping around to d money d boyfriend deposited before and finally got the car! Congrats babe, you and ur bf used 8-9months to pay for a Nigeria used Honda.  We hear you still have 200k to balance! Buckle ur hustle!

Same day she got the car , she went to buka hot lekki to eat , madam now dropped car key on d table she was eating so everyone would see it  ! poverty na paparazzi was there and told me this. Greatest achievement so far in her lineage.

The only clubs she and her crew can ever go to is UNO or liquid lounge, she is fucking the guy in charge of  liquid lounge,name starts with "E" .the guy in charge of UNO "P-M" pimps her and her crew for men, thats why they always go to these clubs, she and her crew serve as girls that yahoo boys take home for the night after getting drunk in the club.these hungry girl can't enter island clubs cos island boys are to fresh to fuck with a slum like her. So she maintains her level on the mainland fucking boys for bottle of rozay.
Her boyfriend recently sent a friend of mine 500dolls from malaysia to pay for hostel .
The girl you buy clothes from said you are posing on instagram clothes wey u never pay for
You famz all the fine girls on instagram, hoping one day they would give you parol.
I'm tired of typing, I would bring the part 2 of her story another day. #StayTuned
Ps I know so much about her because we have sat down together,gisted together, shared a hotel room, dined and wined and clubbed together .

She is currently in Dubai, her runs has been paying off lately bcos if the car upgrade.
She ow bills higher to fuck. Bless your hustle.

BTW it's her birthday today. Happy birthday booooooooooooooo
Like I always say, I'm in ur midst people and YOU are next.

This is only a truthful game,
Guess the name of this person if you can.
Don't worry, feel free to post as anonymous . You won't be caught, after all #NobodyHolyPass ...


  1. Wowwwwwww,jealousy is the root of hatred

  2. Get a life! Ur blog is useless. Guess u don't have skeletons in ur cupboard.

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  4. This is so unfair...Omg!!! Very descriptive tho, you r a picture painter!!! You should do more productive things with your skills...interesting story but how much v you earned from it? Write a book Biko, n leave whorestitutes alone.