Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Jealousy of Marriage

I got these article from Arinholar's Blog, just read below...

Oooh i love him, his the best thing that has ever happened to she says.
She's very excited at his proposal.Who wouldnt? I mean, a man gives you a car key to a new Range Rover Envogue, and says "Will you marry me, Tesa?".... Would you say no?

Those were the words of Bimpe, Tesa's closest friend.

Bimpe came to me, fuming with pure jealousy and envy at her friend's recent engagement. Am amazed at such jealousy and i challenge her.

"Bimpe, are you jealous of Tesa?" ..Me... Jealous? How can i be? why would you even say that..why would i be jealous of that girl?

With that statement i am fully convinced that Bimpe is jealous of Tesa....and that brings me to the topic..The Jealousy of Marriage.

I write convincingly about this topic because, not once , twice or thrice have i seen or experienced such jealousy amongst friends..especially when the least-expected of the pack of girls gets engaged or married.

Does this happen with guys? Someone please tell me.

The sad part of this trend is that, such relationships generally degenerate further into pure enmity. But why? shouldn't your friend's wedding mean that yours is at the door? Or shouldn't your friend's wedding bring an opportunity to sow a seed for your marriage? As the bible says"Whatever you sow, you shall reap".

Stop hating girls..embrace the fact that your friend is getting hitched..and just maybe your own man is lurking at that wedding..lolll...

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  1. Yes o , ladies una hear abi?