Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Get to know Rapper 'Yehya Bahlo'

Yehya Bahlo known as "Da YnB" and "Yeyah Bee" born in Beirut, Lebanon, December, 12, 1994.
Influenced by many rappers, but the first one was "Eminem". Then "Yehya" started rapping at the age of 13, but didn't get the chance to show himself and what skills he has.

Two to four years later, he started recording with friends some of his lyrics he wrote before. First he didn't know what he was doing, is it rap or crap? Just spitting rhymes with no meanings. After that worked hard, developed and improved his flow, accent, and lyrics. Read & Listen to him on YouTube after the cut...

With independent working released his EP "The Y & B EP" considering it as a demo comparing himself to how he was the years ago, and the EP is much better than the previous stuff.
He says "I'm ready and able to rap about real shit, not about money, bitches, fortune, and fame. Spit real shit about what I see and live, so that's it, simple as it is."

And remember your support is the most important to him. So help him to achieve his goal!

Thank y'all...

Click on this YouTube Link to see his recent work

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