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Happy Easter! Cherished CCB Readers

Cherished CCB Readers: Thanks for all your support, comments and advice thus far - May God Almighty reward you all!
God Bless.

Beverly Naya talks about her kind of man

27years old singer, Beverly Naya was born in the United Kingdom. But, hails from Ibuzo, Delta state. In one of her most recent interviews she opened up on the type of man she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

She said and I quote: "Fortunately as an only child, nobody is breathing down my neck. Of course, I am looking forward to the day I will get married but God’s time is the best. First, he has to be a man, he has to be God-fearing, eloquent and brilliant.

I like it when a guy knows how to treat a woman. I do not like conceited men. I just like a guy that is down-to-earth and knows how to make a woman feel special."

Waje finally explains the concept behind her ‘Nude picture’ on 'I Wish' video

Waje has explained the reason behind the concept of her new video She offered this explanation when Showtime contacted her on her new video.

  • “After being on set of the movie, Tunnel, I realized that our music videos are like movies painting the right picture and acting it. I Wish video is a lifeless theme and the song is a vulnerable song, and I tried to interprete it in that abstract nude picture with the broken mirrors. It’s me trying to interprete a woman’s vulnerability, xx ” she said. Continue reading...

Hehehehe! I Expect 100% Attention From My Woman- Uti Nwachukwu

“I am an extremely jealous guy but I am praying to God to make me less jealous and less possessive. I believe that if you find somebody that’s for you, that person should be for you only. I’m a bit extreme because my lover must focus on only me. Now that’s a bit difficult and that’s why I say I am a very difficult person to be with. Perhaps, I’m very demanding when it comes to relationships."

"Apart from being a jealous lover I also expect you to give back to me what I am giving you. I expect 100 per cent attention and care and nothing less. So, it’s going to be hard but I know God gave me this standard in order to connect me with the exact person he has created for me.”

First Lady Patience Jonathan is sick again

There are indications that the wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, has been flown abroad for medical treatment in an undisclosed German hospital.

Unconfirmed reports had it that the First Lady’s health might have relapsed, thereby necessitating her going abroad to receive fresh medical attention. Mrs. Jonathan was conspicuously absent at a Good Friday service held at the Aso Villa Chapel on Friday although her husband attended with his mother, Eunice.

The President is currently in Lagos for the Easter break without his wife.

Awesome 3D images of babies in the womb!

A new software has been developed recently in Monaco, parents can now see hi-tech photos of their unborn babies. The software creates the images by adding colour, skin texture, lighting and shadows to normal ultrasound scans...and it also helps doctors detect problems earlier. The photo above right in black and white is the old style ultrasound scan. I like this new one. Long live technology!

New Deputy Governor of Imo State has been Sworn-In

After series of intrigues, the newly appointed Deputy Governor of Imo State, 48-year-old Prince Eze Madumere, was sworn-in Saturday amid tight security at the Sam Mbakwe Expanded Executive Council Chambers, Government House, Owerri.

Madumere’s name was submitted to the 27-member Imo State House of Assembly, presided by Benjamin Uwajimogu, after the impeachment of Sir Jude Agbaso, for “gross misconduct of office and bribery”.

He was screened and cleared after a seven–man panel headed by Justice Godwin Ihekire (rtd) submitted a report indicting Agbaso. Continue reading...

Smashing Photos from Wizkid’s "Lagos To Soweto" Video Shoot

Video will be dropping real soon maybe next week, For the main time just check out more smashing photos after the cut >>>

Do you agree? Chika Ike has the world's hottest and juiciest lips

The above picture was designed by a fan for Chika Ike saying she has the hottest & juiciest lips in the world. Hmmm... do you agree? Just check out another photo of her after the cut >>>

Read Mikel Obi's full interview on his Marriage issue

Mikel Obi the Chelsea midfielder told sports journalist, Kayode Tijani that finding a wife is so so difficult that he's leaving it to God. Mikel said:
I know, normal people don’t go through what I am going through now when it concerns finding a Wife to marry, normal people don’t at all. Believe me it’s so so difficult, very difficult, it’s so so difficult you just have to leave it to God. To find someone who truly loves you, there might be someone who really loves me truly for who I am but I may not be aware but maybe you don’t know but you may think she’s one of them people that loves you for who you are or what you have, because of your money, but maybe she’s there for you, you never know, you get so confused, now I have decided I will just leave it to God to decide who I get married to.

On his rumoured five Bentleys, what he said after the cut...

See Ini Edo @ 'Weekend Get Away' Movie Premiere

Seems like Ini Edo just got a facial plastic surgery! I'm just saying tho... Probably she has joined the likes of Yvonne Vixen! *sigh*

MUST READ: Dangers and Infection Risk of Oral Sex (18+)

Here is an article I found for those of you "who love giving and receiving head" by Dr David Delvin

Oral sex is now widely practised, in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.
For many years, it was regarded as an almost 'unmentionable' activity. But these days, research suggests that most sexually active people go in for it sometimes. Continue reading...

NEW TUNE: D'banj Ft Fally Ipupa - Nous Le Meilleurs [We The Best]

Justin Bieber's pet Monkey detained by the German Customs

Justin Bieber's  monkey had no official paperwork to stay in Germany, therefore the German Customs had no other option than to forcefully confiscate the animal.

The monkey is a gift from record producer Mally Mall, arrived on Bieber's private plane but the little guy (or gal) was taken away when the star went through customs. The  Bieber' will reportedly have to pay a fine and pay the quarantine fees. Obviously that wouldn't be a problem for Justin. But, I never knew Monkeys need Visa to stay in Germany.

Photos of Miss Deaf International spotted in Lagos

Check out some pictures of the most beautiful deaf girl international. Miss Cassandra White, a Jamaican was spotted at Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, On Monday, 21st of March 2013. She looks beautiful. View more photos after the cut >>>

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has been voted as the Most Popular CEO in the world

Social Network: Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg has been voted America's most popular CEO, with 99 percent of employee's at the firm saying they 'like' their hoodie wearing boss.

Glassdoor reported that Zuckerberg had a 99 percent approval rating among his employees in a recent survey, jumping 14 percent from an 85 percent approval score in last year. The increase in Zuckerberg's popularity could be attributed to the fact that Facebook had not gone public yet at the time of last year's survey.

Or it could just be that Mark Zuckerberg has fired everyone who disliked him, or removed them from his Friends list..

Nelson Mandela has been admitted to Hospital again

Nelson Mandela was back in the hospital for the third time in four months Thursday, and the 94-year-old former South African president was reported to be responding well to treatment for a chronic lung infection.

South Africa's presidency said that doctors were acting with extreme caution because of the advanced age of the anti-apartheid leader, who has become increasingly frail in recent years.

If you don't know about Mandela so well here is a brief about his life & How he became a Living Legend in Africa! Read below...

Hehehehe! Blue Ivy Gets Her Very Own Chair for Beyonce's World Tour

Blue Ivy Carter already has a luxury nursery at the Barclays Center (it costs $1 million per year) and now the16-month-old has her very own VIP chair for her mom's world tour! Probably Baby Blue will also get her own seat when her pops goes on tour with Justin Timberlake later this year. Hahahaha!

NEW VIDEO: Highlights of 2face & Annie's Wedding in Dubai

DOWNLOAD VIDEO and also view their gigantic cake photo below...

GRAB YOUR COPY!!! 'Oga On Top' Movie

Hehehehehe!!! Choi

Keenly read through Banky W's speech at the 5th Annual Bola Tinubu Colloquium in Lagos

Dear CCB Readers: I want y'all to read these article below...

I recently celebrated my birthday… I was fortunate enough to go to Dubai to attend my friend Tuface Idibia’s wedding… and I want to start off my speech by showing you a couple of pictures of Dubai, because what I saw there inspired me.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the same oil that was discovered there in the 1960’s that they used to transform that society. The very same oil that was discovered here. But what have our leaders done with it? Continue reading...

Deranged Woman kills parents in Delta state with a pestle

The ancient Oleh town in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State is currently filled with grief following the killing of a retired soldier and his wife by their 32-year-old mentally derailed daughter on Thursday.

The retired Army Warrant Officer, Mr Jonah Elili, and his wife were killed after been hit with a pestle by their daughter whose name was given as Elo. The lifeless bodies of the 75-year-old retired soldier and his wife, 65, were reportedly discovered in the early hours of Thursday by a neighbour who had gone to purchase some items from the deceased couple’s shop. Continue reading...

Look For Your Age Mates...Stella Monye Tells Younger Lovers

"I am not one of such people who go out with younger men. If you are young and you give me unnecessary compliments, I will ask you where your mother is. I detest young men trying to be in a relationship with older women. I have a lot of my mates out there who I can relate with, so I have not ruled out marriage. I might see somebody who was also waiting like me. We would meet one day."

Btw, she is also working on a book on the life and times of Sunny Okosun.

Can this be true? Chris Brown and Rihanna calls their relationship a quit

Chris Brown was a guest on a radio station yesterday and here's what they are claiming he said when asked if he was still with Rihanna.

Tee-Y Mix Presents: April Tunes Day

Come the 1st of April 2013, Tee-Y Mix will be celebrating the month of April. Tee-Y Mix wishes to announce the start of a new trend. “April fools day” will now be known as “April Tunes Day”.
This is going to be an annual event where fans are engaged in various activities such that on every 1st of April, people anticipate an April Tunes activity. Continue reading...

Tonto Dikeh fans go gaga!

Mehn, You can't beat this up... This ain't fake! There's no contest that she's got the largest Fan base.

Should Beyonce bow down to Rihanna?

Rihanna was just named UK's most influential pop star ahead of Beyonce, who came in second, and in celebration of that, the Barbados beauty shaded the heck out of Beyonce. She posted the news on her instagram page then basically told Beyonce to bow down, bitch. LMAO. You're a superstar, Rihanna...but Beyonce is a legend! :-). See more after the cut...

Rita Dominic Photo at the Weekend Get Away Movie Premiere

Also see Uche Jombo's & Uru Eke photo below. The premiere took place at Ocean View restaurant in Lagos.

Surprised Photo: Draya Michele of Basketball Wives wearing African Attire!

You like?

"We had sex for almost two hours before she died" - Akolade Arowolo

Akolade Arowolo, the 31-year-old man standing trial for allegedly killing his banker wife, Titilayo, on June 24, 2011 said he and the deceased kissed and had sex for two hours on the day she died.
He said:
“That day she died was my birthday. I see birthdays as a new year in one’s life and I usually pray at the early hours of that day. I prayed till 3am but was woken by my wife’s kiss. We had sex for almost two hours and it was very good as we hadn’t done such in a while. We later prayed and talked about how we could improve on our relationship as well as business opportunities.” Continue reading...

Check out Behind the scenes photo-shoot of SKUKI's new video "B.A.D"

Check out smashing behind the scenes photo-shoot of SKUKI's new video "B.A.D" shot at a Bay on the outskirts of Cape Town. Plus I read that they are investing millions in Peeshaun Condom company with UNICEF also partnering with them! #Congrats Brodas!! Check out more photos after the cut>>>

NEW VIDEO: Watch Davido's interview with Ebuka Obi Uchedu & his denial response to the slut he slept with in his room!

#JustWatch!!! Hmmmm... Speechless

Hmmmm! Look at where 2face and Annie laid after their wedding in Dubai

2Face & Annie were lodged at the JW Mariott Marquis. The 5-star masterpiece structure is barely 3months old and at 75 storeys high, stands as the tallest hotel building in the world. Check out more photos after the cut>>>

Letter To My Future Wife- By Noble Igwe

Have you read Noble Igwe's letter to his future wife already? If not please do. So romantic! The letter came up again yesterday when the #dearfuturewife thing started trending on twitter.
Dear Future Wife,

    I don’t know what you look like, if you are out here or reading this right now! If you are, please print this letter and bring it to our wedding reception. It will make a good read before our guests. They say behind every successful man is a woman. I’ll like to say that behind every successful man is a good woman because I’ve seen men that have shut down their businesses because they got involved with the wrong woman. Continue reading...

Ilami Whyte releases new smashing photos of herself

The 2010 Next Movie Star Winner, Ilami Whyte has just released New Photos of Herself online. Check out more photos after the cut >>>

PHOTO: "Pope Francis 1" Washes & Kisses Prisoners' Feet On Maundy Thursday

Pope Francis has washed and kissed the feet of 12 detainees in a youth detention centre near Rome as part of the Maundy Thursday service. The Christian ritual takes place on the Thursday before Easter to commemorate Christ’s Last Supper.

Thousands of pilgrims and tourists are arriving in Rome to attend ceremonies during the holy week ahead of Easter. In a homily, Pope Francis earlier urged priests to do less “soul-searching” and engage more with parishioners. Continue reading...

NEW VIDEO: Weray Ent. Feat. Vibe Squad – Masquerade

Watch & feel free to make your comments!

Waje, Ice Prince & P.R.E join HP/Windows for the Launch of their new Windows 8 Touch

HPMicrosoft Launch with Waje, Ice Prince & P.R.E - March 2013 - BellaNaija014Culled from Bella Naija

Looking for the device that’s got it all? HP/Windows has something for you. The Personal Computer giant has launched their new Windows 8 touch enabled Envy Series with the products – The Envy 4 Touch Smart, the Envy X2 Notebook/Tablet and the Envy 23 AIO. Continue reading...

Cherished CCB Readers: I'm Worried! My Husband Has 1001 Girlfriends Via Blackberry

Please i need your advise asap. I am married to my best friend of 17years (married for 6 years now). He is 36 years old and i am 33 years old. He is a very nice man, apart from his lust for women and his blackberry........As far as i know right now he does not have physical contact with any girl here.

But has 1001 of girlfriends in Nigeria via blackberry. It started with his married  ex-girlfriends sending him
their naked pictures.....Now he has switched to younger girls. I have their pictures in a safe place. I am tempted to post their pictures online.....maybe, they will let him rest or he will let them rest. He thinks him being on bb does not affect our relationship...but, it does. He stays up all night chatting and hardly have time for sex. His conversation with ***dem*** girls is so raw....but if i try to flirt with him at home and use the "D" word,"F" word or the "P" word na war. What can i do?

New Video: Omawumi in Concert "The Lasso of Truth"

Flytime Promotions and Oma Records Present Omawumi In Concert "The Lasso Of Truth" on the 7th of April, 2013 at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, 7pm. Featuring performance by 2face, Wizkid, Timaya, Flavour, Onyeka Onwenu, Waje, Seyi Shay, Tiwa Savage and Mercy. Tickets cost: N5,000 and N25,000 Tables: N500,00 and N1million Tickets are sold at Naijaticketshop, Ozone cinena, and silverbird galleria Online tickets:

Check out the list of Forbes 5 Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2013

Culled from Forbes ... Below are the list of the 5 wealthiest HipHop Artiste...

1. Diddy - $580 million: The bulk of the Bad Boy Records founder’s wealth comes from non-musical ventures, namely his deal with Diageo’s Ciroc. The agreement entitles him to eight-figure annual payouts and a nine-figure windfall if the brand is ever sold—and Ciroc’s value has never been higher

2. Jay Z - $475 million: He’s still rolling in cash from megadeals like his $204 million Rocawear sale in 2007 and his $150 million pact with Live Nation the following year. He continues to hold stakes in Roc Nation, Carol’s Daughter, the Brooklyn Nets and, more significantly, the Barclays Center itself, while adding new partnerships with the likes of Duracell, Budweiser and Bacardi’s D’ussé Cognac

See remaining after the cut...

Naeto C shows off baby boy!

He posted this photo on his instagram page and wrote:
“Thanks 2 every1 for all the messages. Words arent honestly enuff to express this moment…its ironic especially for some1 like myself who is used 2 putting words 2gether…mayb later…but right now i’m just Thanking God w/my Family and enjoying my son’s company! I wish u all similar moments at some point(s) in your lives!“  Awesome!

Beyonce Makes a Statement About Marriage Equality

Beyoncé Knowles has joined too as she confirmed her support for marriage equality this week with one of her classic handwritten notes on Tumblr. She joins other celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart, Minka Kelly, and many, many more who have voiced their support for gay marriage as the issue goes before the Supreme Court this week.

I still stand on my Opinion thou! I DON'T SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE!

Sights and Sounds "White Sensation"

Are you trying to Network, Promote and Market your brand or just looking to Shop, Party, Minge and MUCH MORE? Then you have to be at the Sights and Sounds "White Sensation" Easter Fair, the Biggest Easter BBQ party in Lagos!!!!

After staging a spectacular Christmas Festival in December, Nigeria’s next big Event Production Company Sights and Sounds Production will be live at Fantasy Land, Ikoyi for another memorable day out. Click to continue reading...

Friday, 29 March 2013

NEW VIDEO: Nneka – Restless

This one is coming from a strong Soul singer - Watch video above!

NEW VIDEO: Brymo – Omoge Campus


Check out Ayo Mogaji's recent photos

  Ayo (in blue) with other guests at a movie premiere.
Ayo Mogaji is a well-known Yoruba actress who went underground not too long ago. You can as well google her! View another photo below...

NEW VIDEO: Olamide – Stupid Love

Hahaha! It's a Must-Watch!!!

BOGOF Easter Shopping Spree @ Total Wrap

Are you ready for Easter? Total wrap is doing it again this Easter period with their 'buy one get one free' sales. So head on to their store at 33 Toyin street Ikeja and get your personality interpreted.

It's time to shop till you drop! More smashing photos when you continue...

The Cartel is gonna be premiered tomorrow! #WatchOut

All Port Harcourt road leads to Aztech Arcum Port Harcourt this Saturday as one of the youngest producers in Nollywood, Chinneylove Eze premieres her movie, The Cartel. The Cartel is an action thriller that stares the very controversial Big Brother Luclay of south Africa, Mike Ezuruonye, John Njamah, Martha Ankomah and Elizbeth Pam (Big Brother). A movie shot in the city of Port Harcourt shows how far a man can go to protect his loved one. Get to know more after the cut ...

Lynxxx Utunu can this be true?

Below is what Lynxxx told City People in a recent interview:

Have you ever been turned down by a lady?
Lynxxx: No
Even in your KC days? (He attended Kings College)
I haven't ever been turned down because I always make sure there is green light first. And my game was too much then. Now I don't even have time to be chasing women. I am just focused on my music.
On marriage?
I am trying to settle down as I am getting older. It is only right you settle down because when you are exposed to this kind of attention, it's very easy to go off track. And you don't know if the women want you for who you are or for your money or for your fame or to destroy you. You are a target once you are famous. So you have to be very smart and don't get exposed in a negative way.