Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yayyyy! Launching of Play Station 4 {PS 4}

SONY is set to unveil its new PlayStation on February 20 — with film-quality graphics and ten times the processing power of the PS3.

Leaks suggest the console, tipped to be named either PlayStation 4 or Orbis and cost around £300, will feature EIGHT computer chips in its electronic “brain”.

That will make it more powerful than a top-end PC and dwarf the capacity of its 70 million-selling PlayStation 3 predecessor.

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Its ultra-HD quality graphics will be four times as detailed as the PS3’s standard HD. There will also be 3D capability — with further rumours suggesting a new controller, possibly with a built-in touchscreen display.

The console will include the option to play older games and PS3 controllers will still work. It will also have a next generation ultra-HD player — the successor to Blu-ray — and let families view catch-up TV such as iPlayer and access films and music. Wowwww!

I can't wait to see this PS 4 live! Hehehehehe *ROTFL*

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