Saturday, 23 February 2013

Why do they call Lynxxx 'The Ladies Man'

This is part of the price you pay for fame. #Lol! Here is what Lynxxx told Saturday Beats in his interview & I quote:

“I am aware that they refer to me as the ladies man’. I think the reason behind that is the brand that I have created for myself. It is the brand that I came out with and maintained. I think it is the reason they label me with that. The core of my fans is actually ladies because I make songs for them. I have been coping with all the craziest of the ladies by the grace of God. My goal is always to remain focused. Ladies have done a lot of crazy things to me. Most times, when I am out of Lagos to perform, the ladies always find my room and leave certain items outside my door. I have got all kinds of items -shirts, panties, bras – name it." What do you think?

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