Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ooops! Girl who has over 50 orgasms every day

I read this story from a site & felt like sharing with you all right here! The 22-year-old above is Amanda Gryce. she says her life is being ruined by constant multiple orgasms.

According to Amanda she said and I quote: 'I can have 50 orgasms in one day and five or ten within an hour of each other. It happens when I'm with my friends or out in public and it's very embarrassing.  It kills me inside. I just have to put on a smile and pretend that nothing's wrong. Orgasms are supposed to be a good feeling but I've had them every day for so long now that I'm living with constant fear and shame.'

  • At my lowest points, I have thought about suicide but I had to reassure myself that I would never resort to something like that and that it wasn't going to happen to me. The reason for the daily onslaught of orgasms is a rare condition known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome or PSAS, which first manifested when Gryce was just eight years old.
Positions she finds comfortable to control herself from having Orgasm
Another Positions she finds comfortable to control herself from having Orgasm
  • She added: When I lost my virginity I was left emotional and disappointed. It didn't make me feel better. The guy that I was with seemed sympathetic at first but then used my condition to get more sex.'I've been with a few guys since but it's difficult- I've found some guys are even intimidated.'Thankfully I've had the courage to tell my family and they have all been very understand and supportive.' 
  • 'I get people say I'm making it up and that I'm really a nymphomaniac but I don't let it faze me. 'I just now hope that there will one day be more understanding of this condition and my story will give just one other person the courage to get support.' 'It is not pleasurable: you could say it has become a torture. This condition controls your life completely and it is like living a nightmare.'

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