Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nollywood Actress 'Yetunde Akinlapa' has been arrested in KiriKiri

Yetunde Akinlapa was arrested for allegedly being in possession of over 100 pieces master keys in her bag. Yetunde was on Wednesday detained at the Alade Divisional Police headquarters in Somolu, Lagos. Her arrest was made on Thursday as at the early hours of the day after the Court case.

According to a statement written by the complainant at the police headquarters, it was not the first time the suspect would be accused of stealing. She said: “There was a day she came home to see my relative and when I opened her bag after she went to the toilet I found a phone that was later found to have been stolen. We seized the phone from her and returned it to the owner despite her denying that she stole the phone.”

But Yetunde's statement at Court  reads & I quote:  “On the day I was arrested, a woman named Mama Ayoola, called me and said that I should bring weaveon for her. I did not know Mama Ayoola was not living at that compound. When I got there, I asked a girl about Mama Ayoola and she directed me to knock on the next door."

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