Friday, 22 February 2013

Girl of 12 years-old has been given HIV-Positive blood transfusion

Reham Al-Hakami

It's alarming! How on earth can the hospital do this? The first question I asked myself when I came across this report was; what would I have done if this was me? The world of a young girl who was already battling sickle cell anamia has been worsen by an unpardonable error.

Reham al-Hakami, 12,  from Saudi Arabia received a blood transfusion on February 12 at the main hospital in her village of Jazan. What was to better her life, rather worsen it for her…Hours later after the transfusion, a medical staff visited her home to tell her family that the blood was HIV-positive.

The potentially lethal mistake has prompted an unprecedented reaction in the ultraconservative Islamic kingdom with angry calls for the health minister Abdullah al-Rabiah to resign.  Must he be even called to resign? Where lies his morals and sense of leadership?

Reham al-Hakami Subjects such as HIV and AIDS remain strictly taboo in Saudi Arabia where open criticism of government officials is extremely rare.

Reham airlifted to the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, the Saudi capita after the medical negligence was spotted. It remains unclear whether Reham has tested positive for HIV.

Whatever it is, she will test positive soon and therefore someone must pay for this…
According to CNN,  the girl’s family lawyer-Ibrahim al-Hakimi has mentioned that,  the family plans to sue the Health Ministry ‘starting from the most senior official and including all employees involved in this medical mistake’ .

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