Saturday, 23 February 2013

Check out how Tiwa Savage got the inspiration to "Kelekele Love"

Tiwa Savage got the inspiration from her manager turned fiancee 'Tee Bliz'. According to her she said when things weren’t going on well between 2face and Annie Macaulay, Tee Billz was the shoulder Annie leaned on. While their relationship lasted, 2face got to hear of it and the thoughts of losing her to another man surrounded him. He subsequently sent friends & elders to intervene on his behalf for their love to be rekindled. “It was when Annie returned to 2face’s life that Tee Billz felt used then promptly retraced his steps and began to manage Tiwa.

During that time, he confided in  Tiwa about his experience with Annie, how she insisted on keeping their relationship a secret one and ended up deserting him. Tiwa felt so bad and went ahead to compose a song titled ‘Kelekele Love’, meaning ‘secret love’, a song, we were told, she got its inspiration through her manager now fiancĂ©e."

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