Friday, 8 February 2013

2 reasons why so many Nigerian Ladies are still single!

Aside other obvious reasons that had been discussed over and over in the past as to why there is an increasing number of spinsters in Nigeria, I want us to look at another crucial factors why so many Nigerian ladies are still single and putting their fate of finding a spouse in the hands of chance and spirituality. You may be wondering what the reasons are, but they are not farfetched from:

1.       Increasing rate of youth unemployment:  70 to 80% of guys who are of marriageable age are either unemployed or underemployed, so how will they think of entering into a committed relationship to talk of marriage? Lets face the reality, a stable relationship or marriage requires money to maintain, so how will the money come when majority of the youth male population in Nigeria are not gainfully employed due to ever increasing rate of unemployment and poor working conditions?

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And as difficult as it may sound for you to believe, the employment scale in Nigeria is tilting towards the favor of ladies, what do I mean by this? It simply means that ladies in Nigeria of today, now get good jobs more easily than the guys, and more ladies are succeeding financially in Nigeria than the guys, which has created another problem of its own in Nigeria- the singlehood syndrome.  And as funny as it may sound, most single guys are scared to approach the working class ladies because they aren’t financially fit enough to face the ladies who are now more financially, and career empowered than the guys. Remember, every man needs ego and psychological balance to be able to approach a woman of his dream or choice for a relationship or marriage, and this ego and balanced psychology is often lacking when the man is not financially fit.

2.       The few financially buoyant guys are scared, confused and not convinced to go into a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage: remember, increase in demand leads to scarcity. Because there are few financially buoyant single guys in Nigeria, the huge number of single ladies who are so desperate to have a ready-made guy, compete for them, hence, making the few financially buoyant guys feel confused as to which lady to settle down with in either relationship or marriage, while some get to conclude that all girls are bad and materialistic due to the fact that so many ladies are after them directly and indirectly, using all manner of tactics, including seduction and nudity.

What is the solution?

The solution should come from the government first; they should do something to boost employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the Nigerian guys so that they can become financially fit enough to startup a healthy, stable relation that would lead to marriage and take the single ladies off the spinster market.

Lastly the single ladies on their own part, should try and be more realistic with the present situation and start accepting guys based on their dreams n not their financial worth and help in building them, n stop being deceived by some ladies who cook up bad stories and give bad testimonies that after suffering with a guy, when he succeeds, he will boot the girl and go for another new girl, which is not always the case and even if it exist, its rare, if the lady is good.


  1. Very powerful reseach indeed,big ups to u,so so true

  2. i quite agree with u on this