Thursday, 10 January 2013

Woman sues husband, because he's avoiding sex from her

A 31-year-old advert executive, Arike Salewa Abiodun, stunned a Lagos family court where she declared that her husband, Dayo Abiodun, avoided sex at all times. She added that since they got married on December 17, 2005, it had been an uphill task for him to perform his conjugal right. In her testimony before the court, she stated that trouble started six months after they got married  when the respondent threatened to walk out of the marriage at every opportunity.

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“I felt it is my duty as a woman to make the marriage work and I put my all into it, but it just didn’t work out. In 2006, when I started to  crave  for a child, he was not so enthusiastic, but I was pushy and he became withdrawn. “He was running away from anything sexual and when I inquired, his reasons were always flimsy, he would either say he was tired or not in the right frame of mind,” she added.

She further told the court that she almost raped him to get pregnant and since she got pregnant till the child was two and a half years old, he stayed away from performing his conjugal rights. Anytime I complain, he threatens to walk out of the marriage. “When things weren’t getting better, I suggested we see a marriage counsellor, but he was never disposed to it. I also suggested he should see  his parents, but when he was not cooperating, I went to see them and told them the situation of things in our home,” she added.

“His parents summoned a family meeting and they concluded that I move to their house for church counselling in August 2009. “My parents later advised that I move back to the house, but when I got back home, my husband abandoned the bedroom and started sleeping in the living room.  One day, I came back home to pick something and saw that he had moved from the sitting room to the master’s bedroom, so that day, I left the master’s bedroom with my daughter to the other room.

“He doesn’t talk to me and when I cook, he doesn’t eat. But when we are at functions with the family, he pretends that all is well, but when we get home, he goes back to his usual attitude of behaving like a stranger,” she said. More so, the petitioner told the court that her lawyer arranged a meeting to talk to the couple, but he refused to show up or acknowledge or return her lawyer’s letter.

Therefore, she urged the court to dissolve the marriage while the respondent will have access to the girl. She also prayed the court for an order restraining him from travelling with their daughter until she is six years old.
She also asked the court to order him to pay maintenance cost on the child and be made to sponsor her education.

Culled from HTN

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