Monday, 28 January 2013

Sexual pleasure points for adults!

One major factor that causes fights between couples, and which is hardly voiced out but often drives either of them away from home into the waiting hands of extra marital affairs, is sex. A lot of beautiful marriages have been ruined just because partners were not sexually satisfied and they found it difficult or unholy to speak out. Most of those who do not have extra marital affairs suffer in silence and die slowly of emotional trauma.

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This is one reason that has driven me to go the extra mile to discover how such people can be helped. The most guilty are the religious ones who are highly inexperienced and ignorant of what sex is and does in marriage. This group of people are the most at risk when confronted with sexual harassment. Have you wondered why many religious leaders are involved in sexual scandals today? Don’t go too far seeking for an answer; I can bet it’s due to lack of sexual satisfaction.

Please read this piece I stumbled on as I searched for the way forward vis-a-vis sexual satisfaction:

“I’ve been married for 12 years, but my husband behaves like he’s 90 years old and we haven’t had sex in a long time. Now, I’ve found someone better than him in bed and I want more. Am I to blame?”

Now the question is not who to blame or who not to blame, but what went wrong. And the answer is sexual dissatisfaction.

This is why today, I am giving a piece on how to give your spouse sexual satisfaction through stimulating multiple pleasure points on his or her body, but especially her, because she is the one who needs that extra touch for sexual pleasure (this is not debatable; it’s a fact of life). What you are about to read was received from Jack Grave, a female pleasure guru. But, I have tried to edit it in order to make it acceptable as much as possible, to the conservative or the religious ones who may find the unedited version offensive. I hope it will be worth the effort and produce the desired result- sexual satisfaction per excellence.

Men and women have multiple pleasure points that produce great sexual pleasure in them. For men, it pretty much begins and ends with the penis. Sure, you could argue that there’s a male G-spot, buttocks, and other stimulating points in a man. But even so, these pale in significance to the many ways a woman can be pleasured.

One of the things that make women especially unique is that they have many different ways in which they can be sexually pleasured. Such pleasure points on a woman include the vagina, clitoris, G-spot, nipples and anus. Stimulating one or more of these points gives your spouse great pleasure in bed. But what makes you a god in the bedroom is when you learn to master stimulating more than one of these pleasure points at the same time.

Stimulating certain combinations can be more complex than others, but let me give you a few easy ones to try out:

Reverse cow-girl with manual clitoris stimulation
Cowgirl is a sex position where the man lies on his back and the woman straddles him. Reverse cowgirl is very similar except that the woman faces away from the man. Once in this position, the man can then sit up and with his hands can reach around the front of her and stimulate her clitoris manually, therefore stimulating both her vagina and clitoris at the same time.

Doggy style while she arches her back
Doggy style, as you probably know, is a sex position where the man enters the woman from behind, while she positions herself on her hands and the knees. Once in this position, you get your partner to arch her back. This forces her G-spot onto your penis, and therefore in this position, you are stimulating both her vagina and the G-spot.  Extra tip: as the man, try leaning back while in this position for extra G-spot stimulation.

Missionary while orally stimulating her nipples
Some women love to have their nipples pleasured. If your partner is one of these women, this simple approach alone can give her intense orgasm. The missionary position is when the woman lies on her back with the man on top. Once in this position, lick her nipples while having sex and she will be in for a world of pleasure.

Stated above are just three ways in which you can use the technique of multiple stimulations to achieve a great effect. As you can imagine, there are a lot more, but giving just the three above will take you a long way.

On a final note, the key is to try out different approaches because every woman is different. As you go on, observe how she reacts carefully. If she starts to wriggle, squirm and moan (in a positive way), it probably means she’s liking what you’re doing to her, so keep doing it. Keep doing what is working until you bring her to orgasm.

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