Friday, 11 January 2013

Gideon Okeke to host {The Money Drop Nigeria} reality series!

Nigerian television personality Gideon Okeke is taking on a central role as the host of the hot new game show THE MONEY DROP NIGERIA! Gideon Okeke is the role actor on Africa Magic’s popular soap series, Tinsel.

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The show will be launched exclusively on Africa Magic Entertainment on Sunday January 13 at 20:00 CAT. Simple but riveting, each episode of THE MONEY DROP NIGERIA sees a pair of contestants get USD 100 000 in cash.


Simple but riveting, each episode of The Money Drop Nigeria sees a pair of contestants get USD 100 000 in cash. Then the game begins…

And what a game it is! Before each quiz question, contestants are given a choice of two categories. Once they choose a category, they are asked a question from it and are given a choice of possible answers.

Contestants must then place the money on the answer they think is correct. Or they can split the money and place different amounts on different answers. The one rule - they must use all USD 100 000!
But, if they have placed money on the wrong answer, then they watch as it tumbles out of reach through a glass trapdoor. The tension filled process continues through seven questions after which whatever money they still have, they can keep.

With some contestants risking it all on one answer, and with others painstakingly dividing their money to keep their chances alive, it’s a game packed with emotion, tension and quite a lot of drama!

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  1. Waow dats nice n true gideon is a very gud actor mostly on dat programme TINSEL wat a lovable play keep it up gideon we a proud of u thumb up