Monday, 7 January 2013

Maried men are more juicier than single men - Actress Amaka Anioji

Amaka Anioji said in one of her recent interviews when asked: Can you date a married man? She said & I quote "Well, it is frustrating. It can be tempting sometimes when you meet married men who are really very charming especially, when you have dated a single guy who is very annoying. You run...
into a married man who is good looking and experienced, you would be tempted to fall in love with him.

But for me, I will always think of how dating a married man will affect people’s perception about me. Afterall, I am not going to marry the person but I’m more concerned about what people are going to say. I also considered how that thing will affect my relationship with God. Though it can be very juicy, I consider all that. I like to work and earn my living, it gives me joy."  Choi!!! So married men should start getting ready Ooooh! Especially, the Muslim brothers - who can marry 2 - 3 wives. Hahahaa!

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