Sunday, 27 January 2013

BIZARRE: Catholic Priest arrested after he bought a sex shop to launder money

Its shocking to see some bizarre news online this morning. A Priest was already investing in a drug business which he made alot of gains. Now he turned to buy a sex-store so that he can use the sex store as Camouflage.  Hmmmmmm! I would want to see your reactions towards these news.

Wallin, 61, was the pastor of St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport for nine years until he resigned. The suspended Roman Catholic priest was arrested on federal drug charges this month for allegedly having methamphetamine mailed to him from co-conspirators in California and making more than $300,000 in drugs sales out of his apartment in Waterbury in the second half of last year.

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Along the way, authorities said, he bought a small adult video and sex toy shop in the nearby town of North Haven named ‘Land of Oz & Dorothy’s Place,’ apparently to launder all the money he was making. What a shame? Can't imagine what religion has turned into!

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