Wednesday, 5 December 2012

US nude protesters run riot in courtroom

Men and women nude protesters are unhappy with the bill passed in california court over naked peeps all arroung some public places. The mystery streaker was one of several women and men who stripped off at San Francisco City Hall, California, to gasps from onlookers.

Others pulled out cameras and started taking photos as security teams scrambled to cover them with blankets. The nudists were showing their opposition to new proposed laws which have been dubbed ‘The Weiner Bill.’ It will mean nudity will be banned at most public places from February next year.

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Nudists will only be allowed to get their kit off at permitted parades such as fairs and festivals, as well as on designated nude beaches. Anyone found guilty of breaking the rules will be fined and repeat offenders could face jail.

San Francisco last year began requiring nudists to cover their buttocks in public and to wear clothes in restaurants.

Source: The Sun

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  1. Abeg wey dis people dey make them come Nigeria nah make 90% of them get belle overnight or even used as rituals sef mad people. They are supposed to be shipped back to the stone age sef.