Friday, 28 December 2012

Exclusive! Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Kanye West’s Baby?

Well, it’s that time again, folks. No, we’re not talking about the holidays or the New Year, we’re referring to another round of rumors claiming Kim Kardashian may be in a family way. But this time, notorious tabloid siteMedia Take Out isn’t playing around. They’re not saying Kim wants a baby or is even trying for a baby with...
boyfriend Kanye West…they say she is 100 percent confirmed pregnant right now. As we speak. Bun in the oven.

Not only that, they claim Miss Kim — like Kate Middleton — is suffering from acute morning sickness. Uh, huh. 

Still, they seem awfully sure. They even used the word “confirmed.” To get to the bottom of things, we reached out to a Kardashian family insider, who set the record straight for us.

“That report is dead wrong,” the family insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “She is not pregnant. Wrong, wrong, wrong.”

Well, there you go. Not pregnant. For now.

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