Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cherished CCB readers: My bf threatened to kill me and my parents!

(MY bf threatened to kill me and my parents)

I don't know what to do anymore I want out so
bad, but he just won't let me. If i try to leave him he says "i got you," or "ill kill your mom." I can't take the depression anymore. He emotionally and physically abuses me, i ask myself every day "why me, why did god do this to me, what have i done so wrong?" All i wanted to do was be happy and the first two months of our relationship he was like prince charming, i thought i could be with him for
a long time then he just turned and started calling me names like a prostitute, and slut, and fat, and other mean names then he started physically hurting me by smacking me, and throwing me into walls, and even one time he gave me a fat lip and bloody nose for asking a question, all i could do was beg him to stop.

Kindly, read more after...

After it was done and I had this humungous lip, when he looked at me all he could do was laugh. When he gets mad he tells me it's my fault i get hit. He always wants to say i'm all he has and if i left him i'd be walking out like everyone else and that he loves me to much to break up with me. I don't love him anymore, and I pray every night I could either be single or dead. He has pushed me to the point that i've tried to commit suicide by cutting my wrists, then turns it around to his family like i'm the crazy one.

None hears the way he talks to me or sees the way he treats me. He knows my family is all i have yet it's always about him. I lost all my friends and the only friends i have are my dogs. I try to stay strong but it's so hard. He keeps telling me if i put a wall up or keep to myself i'll regret it but if i put my wall down it's like getting shot all over. I put on a smile to hide
my inside feelings because I have to protect my
family and i'd rather him come after me then them. I don't know what to do anymore.

If anyone replies they'll say just leave him but i try and he threatens my mom and the stuff he's told me about my past scares me into thinking he might actually will. I try to be a good girlfriend. When we fight i don't call him names or anything mean but he still throws low blows. I just wanna be free. Could it be that he cast a spell on me?. I have none else to tell this to. How do I break free from this abusive relationship.

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