Friday, 7 December 2012

Cherished CCB Readers: I feel terrible about drunken one-night stand with old pal

Cherished CCB readers I HAD a drunken one-night stand with an old friend but I have a lovely boyfriend and feel terrible about what happened.

I’m 23 and my boyfriend’s 24. We’ve been going out for almost a year and we are very happy.

I was out celebrating my birthday with a few girlfriends recently and I think I must have had an excessive amount of alcohol to the point that I can’t actually remember anything much about the night, except the brief one-night stand with a friend of mine.

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I do remember spotting him across the dance floor and I went over to say hello. We got chatting and the drinks kept on coming.

We ended up going back to his place for a coffee and one thing led to another. If I’m being honest he took full advantage of me being as drunk as I was. It didn’t mean anything to either of us. I didn’t know what I was doing.

I’ve not only learned never to get myself in that state again but also just how much I care for my boyfriend. I want to have a happy relationship more than anything and I wouldn’t want anything to jeopardise it or to hurt him.

I know I have the trust of my friend. He explained that I had nothing to feel guilty about and he would forget the whole thing. He says he knows he was in the wrong.

I know keeping quiet about what happened is the right thing to do if I want my relationship to work and I know I’ll never do anything like this again. I have felt so low since it happened. I feel like such a disappointment.

But I feel so guilty and ashamed. Do you think keeping quiet about it is the right thing to do or should I confess everything to my boyfriend?

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