Wednesday, 26 December 2012

7 Worst 'Red Carpet' appearance in the 2012 Ovation Red Carol!

Victoria Kimani #Lol! Are you going into a strippers club? Hahaha

@LKT your shoe must be made in Afghanistan.... Hahaha! and you using an Aso-Oke round your neck...
This must be the latest from Follow-Follow Collections! *Lips_Sealed*

Yung Li.... Did you check the mirror before coming out for the red-carpet? #Lol!

Read more weird fashion after the hack....

+Ruggedy Baba we expected more from you! Try better next time.

+DON JAZZY please try better next time... We expect more from Nigeria's foremost producer

@Mrs Annie Are you wearing a pinna 4? sorry to say! but, this was odd #giggling!

OMG! +ALI BABA AKPOBOME Are you going for a bank interview? *can't see*
I knew for someone who had good fashion sense... but, why these now?

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